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Everest base camp trekking is the greatest trek voyage comparison to other mountain treks. The trekkers who are well experienced in trekking and who are the new comers in the mountaineering fields also can trek to the Everest base camp trek.

Basically for the new mountaineers prefer the trekking up to base camp only. Mount Everest base camp trek is the preferable trek that is most popular among the visitor all around the world. As the height up to Everest base camp trek is at an altitude of 5364 meters at the southern side of base camp which trekking starts from Nepal.

The trekkers can start their trek to mount Everest from the northern side of Tibet, but the trekking permits to reach from their have to take from the china. Everest base camp trekking is the most enjoyable as well as the life time opportunity to all the trekkers all around the world. On the way to the Mount Everest base camp trekking the tekkeres have to follow the routes from the many Sherpa villages.

The Sherpa peoples have their unique cultures and traditions. The festivals of the Sherpa peoples can be enjoy by the trekkers on the way to Everest base camp trekking trail. The hot meals and the drinks offered by the Sherpa peoples will be pleasant as the weather and the scenetic views of that place. Khumbu region which is well popular as the trekking destinations has its own identical values and norms.